Best sites with breathtaking free stock photos

Best sites with breathtaking free stock photos

Are you looking for websites with quality free stock photos for your business or blog? When starting a blog and creating content, it is necessary to build your website in an attractive manner. There is no better way to do so than the use of stock photos.

Especially those which relate to the content you produce and also grab the interest of your audience. Usually, the various stock photos which are available online are not that great.

They seem to put people off. It is quite difficult finding the stock photos that will make your website stand out. This too while looking creative and grabbing the attention of a greater audience.

With the help of some great stock photos and a good photo editing software, you can achieve the best visual design available for your business website. 

Here is a complete guide to achieving the blog of your dreams with the help of free stock photos:

What are the free stock photos? 

These are those stock photos that are available online and that too, free of cost. Free Stock Photos are stock photos that are different professionally taken images. They are stored in the repositories of various websites and can be accessed online.

These photos are creatively taken and are edited in a manner to make them look very attractive. It is difficult to get access to good stock photos for free.

Here are some great websites which you can attain these free stock photos from online:


Link: Visme

This website has more than 1,000,000 stock photos that are available in high resolution for use by anyone. It also has great tools to create infographics and presentations according to your needs.

The free stock photos available on this website can be used and edited into the form of these infographics. They can also create presentations as per your needs.

There is a library present in which you can look for various categories of photos. This would be according to your blog content and needs.

You can also create various types of content for blogs or social media on Visme. This also has different forms of photos both in landscape and portrait modes available.

These stock photos are royalty-free and have been licensed for use commercially and non-commercially as well.


Link: Unsplash

Another very popular website on the internet for stock photos is Unsplash. Various photographers from around the world can share their photos on this platform. Anyone can join this website to act as a contributor to its content.

The website currently has more than a million photographs available for use. The contributors are greatly increasing from more than 100,000.

Under the Creative Commons license, there are non-exclusive copyrights available to everyone around the globe. These images are also available for both commercial and non-commercial use.


Link: Pixabay

Pixabay is a very famous website for stock photos. It is currently used by more than a billion people all around the globe. There are more than a million photos available to be downloaded. The best part is that there are no issues of copyrights for anyone all over the world.

The photographers associated with the website are continually increasing. There are more than 40,000 contributors at this point in time. You can use the free stock photos from this website for your blog content.

They can even be used for any presentations in academics or in the corporate world. The images on the website are also great for use in websites of e-commerce.


Link: Flickr

Flickr was created in the year 2004 to act as a website for stock photography online. At this point in time, there are currently more than 10 billion photographs available for use on Flickr.

Anyone who needs them can download them. Most users on the website do offer the use of their work under the creative commons license.

However, You need to ensure for this before using anyone’s work. This is because a few images and photographs do not fall under this license, so it is best to be careful in this part.

Overall you can easily share, edit, and organize stock photos on this website. It is great for creating content on your social media as it would lead to great customer engagement.


Link: Pexels

The images which are available on the website are completely free for use and download. The license which ensures this is the Creative Commons Zero license.

You need not worry about any copyrights issues and go ahead with downloading. There are more than 100,000 photographs available for use on this website.

They are further simplified into various categories which can be accessed through the search bar. You can search for a topic that you are looking to create content on.

A series of images would appear in front of you. Apart from the photographers of the website and images it has created itself, the website also allows for bringing together various free stock photos from the internet.

These are also available for use under the same license. So, what are you waiting for? Go create creative content now!

Final thoughts

There are so many websites available online where you can get access to stock photos. These can be great for your blog. The only difficult part is making the choice – which stock photo will be good enough for your blog?

You can test out different stock photos and see how they appear on your blog. This can lead to a better choice. This will allow for proper comparison. You will be able to see how the stock photo appears on the blog.

However, ensure that you are not faced with any issues of copyright s in the future. It is important that you go through the licensing policy of the website before you download these stock photos.

Stock photos are also great to be used in presentations, websites of different businesses and even for inspiration when designing.

Make sure you check out the websites mentioned above. Get access to the best free stock photos available on the internet!

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