Best free podcast hosting services: where to host your podcast

Best free podcast hosting services: where to host your podcast

Are you looking for the best free podcast hosting services for your podcasts? Are you an amazing speaker who influences people with his speeches? Do you have great control over the way you speak?

Well, you’ve got the potential to be a great pod-caster. You can share your audio content with the world. This could lead you to be highly successful in the field.

However, the skill of speaking is not the only thing that will help you out in this matter. It is also important that you possess great skills in recording audio effectively.

You should also know how to cut and edit your audio content to make it even better. Lastly, to successfully put your audio podcast out for the world to listen to; you would need a podcast hosting service that would allow you to do so.

There are so many different podcast hosting services available. This can lead to a person being greatly confused on which one to choose. Most podcast hosting services also offer the exact same features which makes the choice even more difficult and frustrating.

This blog will be the answer to all your frustrations. After carrying out extensive research, we have selected the top podcast hosting services that are available. These will help you to host your podcasts online, completely free of cost.

As a beginner, you would want to try out this option first. You would be able to see the reaction of the audience towards your podcasts before you start investing in them.

What is Podcast Hosting? 

A Podcast is a series of files which are merged into a single audio file. The great number of files is the reason why these podcasts require huge amounts of storage space. If you wish to start a website yourself to post this podcast, it wouldn’t be possible to upload them.

This is because of the limit of space and the storage you would need would not be arranged. For this reason, people usually revert to Podcast hosting sites.

They can cater efficiently to the storage needs of your podcast. They also allow your target audience to access and download them easily.

A Podcast hosting service allows you to host your podcast files onto a server. This also gives you access to the RSS feed. This is a platform where a hosting company shares podcasts of a number of pod-casters who wish to show their talent.

People who are interested in your podcast or the topic you speak on will be able to access this podcast through this platform. These podcast hosting sites create a profile for your podcasts which display your credentials and details of your podcasts.

The audience which is interested will simply be able to download your podcasts directly from these platforms.

Some podcast hosting sites don’t only provide you with the correct RSS feed to allow for easy storage and exchange of your podcasts.

They also provide you with complete analytic reports of your audience and listeners. Some sites also offer 24/7 support for your needs. along with this, an option to share your podcasts on social media. This can lead to your audience increasing greatly.

Which are the best free podcast hosting sites?

Free podcast hosting services not only allow you to understand the need for one. They also allow you to completely learn the dynamics of one before you turn to invest in one.

List of the best free podcast hosting services


Link: Buzzsprout – Free Podcast Hosting

This is the best free podcasting hosting site out there. It provides the most features as compared to others of its type. Also, the option of using the free-plan on this site is given.

You can gain access to uploading your podcasts for up to 3 months. Within this time, you will be able to see the response people are showing to your podcasts. You can decide whether you would like to continue or not with the service.

You will also be able to learn the use of the various tools and features of the site. This is before you are all in, through subscribing and paying the fees. It is also extremely user-friendly and easy to use.


Link: Libsyn Podcast Hosting

This is also an extremely popular podcast hosting service. There are more than 35,000 hosted podcasts on the site and the audience is great – more than 62 million people. Only in 2016, this platform faced more than 4.6 billion downloads of its podcasts.


Link: SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds

This platform is extremely famous in the world. It’s due to the music and audio content featured on it, completely original and free.

There are more than 175 million visitors on the site on a monthly basis. You can upload up to 3 hours of audio content on the website per month, just through the free trial.

Once you get used to using this platform, you can switch to the premium unlimited version later on.


Link: Podcasting – Hosting by Podomatic

This podcast hosting site allows people to create, record, upload, and promote their audio content just through a single platform.

The best part about this hosting site is that you can greatly promote your produced content through various advertising options. You can also share your content with a number of social media sites.

This allows for further publicity through the social media sharing options available on the site. They also have pro plans available which you can switch to, once you get familiar with this site.

Final thoughts

As a podcaster, your aim is to reach the audience you are trying to speak to through your audio files. Without the help of a podcast hosting site, you will not be able to reach the correct audience.

Podcast hosting services are super important if you wish to give your listeners the complete experience of listening, downloading, and sharing podcasts.

This service will act as a major reason for your success. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to reach your audience in the first place. The top podcast hosting sites are mentioned above and you should try one that fits your podcast needs optimally.

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