Why you should get a .xyz domain now!

Why you should get a .xyz domain now!

If you are about to buy a new domain and wonder if the .xyz is the new .com – you are not alone. For a couple of years ago, .xyz has become the most popular new generic top-level domain (gTLD) and its popularity is still growing.

So does it mean I should run change my top-level domain from kliwo.com to kliwo.xyz? Before jumping into the .xyz boat let clarify a couple of details.

First of all, you might be wondering what a gTLD is. These acronyms stand for “generic top-level domain”, that is to say, “generic top-level domain”.

A gTLD is what comes after the period in a URL. For example, in google.com, “com” is the gTLD.

The .xyz gTLD was Founded by Daniel Negari and made public in June 2014, .xyz has been predicted by many to join the ranks of the most popular gTLDs such as .com, .net, and .org.

When asked why he chose to name his domain ending .xyz, he claimed that

Daniel negari
“we end the alphabet in xyz and we should end domain names the same way”. – Daniel Negari

Daniel Negari definitely has faith in his .xyz venture as he has already invested $185,000 in the project. The investment seems to be paying off as the domain extension is currently boasting over 1.5 million domain registrations after barely more than a year in existence.

Why has .xyz become so popular? 

While .biz, .club, and .info are often associated with spam, ad, or affiliate sites, the founders of .xyz launched a heavy campaign to promote their gTLD in a positive light, often campaigning for causes such as free speech and anti-censorship.

Negari refers to .xyz as the domain ending for the next generation, a generation he aptly calls ‘Generation XYZ’. The prospect of moving beyond the age of .com is exciting to many young internet users and with the highly ambitious Negari as its face, the .xyz project has a lot of potentials.

The success of .xyz

The biggest impact on the success of .xyz came from Google’s decision for a couple of years ago to use abc.xyz as the domain name for their new holding company, Alphabet.

Google’s faith in .xyz sent shockwaves through the system, with many hailing the end of the .com era.

Most experts deny that .xyz marks the beginning of the end of the .com reign, but they do agree that it is the beginning of a shift.

With Google placing its faith in .xyz, it is changing the game. First, it is giving .xyz a good deal of trust and legitimacy, which already sets it apart from other less successful or trusted gTLDs.

Second, it is setting the stage for a ripple effect, whereby people who believe that .xyz will become a major player start purchasing .xyz domains, thereby upping its popularity, exposure, and value.

In many ways .xyz could become a self-fulfilling prophecy; people’s excitement at the prospect is making the prospect more likely.

Is using .xyz safe?

Many website owners are not yet familiar with the .xyz domain name. For this reason, they still don’t trust it and wonder if it’s safe.

They seem to be concerned that their site could be hacked more easily than if they used the .com extension.

In fact, this domain does not represent any additional risk. Lack of confidence is not uncommon with new products. Often times, it takes a few adventurers to show the world that a new product is good and helpful.

Truth be told, many large companies have switched to .xyz because they can have one-word domains that way. Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, chose abc.xyz as its company domain. And if Google likes it, it has to be good for search engines don’t you think?.

Final thoughts

So, is the .xyz the new .com? and more importantly, should you get a .xyz domain? Well, It might be too soon to tell whether .xyz will join the big leagues, but it starts to get really exciting.

As it is increasingly difficult to find good .com domain names, .xyz is creating a whole new world of opportunity and possibilities. So just to be on the safe side, I may have to get a kliwo.xyz after all!

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

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