Quick SEO strategy guide for your business

Quick SEO strategy guide for your business

A well-developed SEO strategy is the most important part of any web-based business. If you do not optimize your website properly and according to search engine standards – you will not drive organic visitors to your site. Search engines are always updating their algorithms and, to ensure that your site is well ranked, you need to be aware of any new changes and so adjust your SEO strategy accordingly

The digital world is quickly changing, and new devices are already taking the lead against their old traditional competitors. It’s official now; more people are searching on their handheld devices than on their PCs. Because of this, Google updated its search-indexing algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites over traditional designs.

Here is a brief overview of how to create your SEO strategy which takes into consideration all recent algorithm updates.

Brief SEO strategy moment


We used to believe that selecting two or three keywords focused on your target was best practice. However, according to the SEO strategy, we suggest using many keywords. This is important for a number of reasons, one being the use of long-tail keywords for voice-activated mobile searches.


Content has always been important; however, now the competition has got even stronger. Google is now looking for quality original content. There are many websites duplicating content or publishing text specifically for obtaining a high ranking on Google. Good relevant content with naturally placed keywords adds a powerful punch to your SEO. More even than a high number of backlinks.


Quality is better than quantity, so think about whom you want to link to your website and remember: the best kind of backlinks are genuine referral links.

On-site SEO

It’s important that your metatags, page title, and alt tags are all up to date. On-page SEO has a direct impact on optimizing your website.


with mobile-friendly websites currently being the key focus, it’s important that your pages load quickly and your users have a good experience when visiting your site.

Social media

Your online reputation has never been so important. Make sure you have a good presence on social media.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t yet updated your SEO strategy you may find that your ranking in search engines may have dropped. It may seem like these are only small amendments to how your SEO is implemented however they will have a large impact on your results.

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