How to get traffic from Pinterest in 10 easy steps

How to get traffic from Pinterest in 10 easy steps

If you are wondering how to get traffic from Pinterest this guide through simple steps will make sure to boost your organic social media traffic. Pinterest has long been the favorite social media platform for bloggers and businesses who wants to get quality and free organic traffic online. To get free traffic from Pinterest search can be a difficult and time taking task. But once achieved the result will be worth it. After all, which website doesn’t like being visited!

Why Is It Significant?

Traffic is crucial for a site because a large number of visitors to your website would make it better and appealing! Yet, you should concentrate on expanding the nature of the site traffic, because not all traffic is beneficial to your website. Also, bad traffic can impede your business on many levels.

By expanding your traffic alongside the better quality of the visitors, you will have a better option to build your site. Also, you will be able to complete the traffic requirement to have paying clients for your website. This is the reason that many people try to get free traffic from Pinterest search.

You can get free traffic from Pinterest search by following these basic steps. Let’s take a look at them below!

1. Create A Business Profile

The foremost step to get free traffic from Pinterest search is to improve your business profile. The services offered to private and business profiles are different. Switching over to a business profile or forming a new profile is free. Build your business profile and fill out all the necessary sections.

Once this step is completed, choose your interest based on the type of audience you want on your profile. These interests will be utilized to occupy your home feed. Continue forming up your business profile using a profile picture, creating a business name, and linking your other sites to your Pinterest profile.

2. Form Creative Boards

The next step to get free traffic from Pinterest search is to upgrade your account. As the Pinterest profile is not as shrewd as Google, you need to choose smart and appropriate keywords with creative boards.

You can utilize these key phrases in the names and descriptions of your boards, the details of your pins, and even in the formation of your business name.

3. Generate Useful Pins

Pinterest has made a change in its algorithm that influenced how pins pop-up to the subscribers on their feed.  It now concentrates more on indicating pins that lead to blog entries and other significant sources. Attractive pictures that do not prompt to accommodating sources are less visible on the website.

This also includes pictures that are not directly linked to any website. So, to get free traffic from Pinterest search, start a blog feature for your website. If your business website doesn’t have any blog feature, try to design images that can be pinned easily.

4. Up Your Subscribers

A huge list of subscribers is very significant to get free traffic from Pinterest search. Try to form pins that will reach non-subscribers as well. To achieve this task, generate pins that everyone can take advantage of. When you begin to generate relatable pins, Pinterest will begin to show your pins in the ‘Picked for You’ section more frequently. It would permit you to gain numerous followers.

5. Pin Exceptional Images

Pinning images of excellent quality is also essential to get free traffic from Pinterest search. A research was conducted to find out which type of images would do well on Pinterest. The image that got the highest votes was that of a salad. The winning characteristics of the image were unique.

Some characteristics were no face, less background, a lot of colors, and the use of portrait style. Although you will never be able to create a perfect image for your profile; if you use some of these characteristics, you will surely attract a lot of traffic.

6. Give A Link Of Your Website

Attaching your site on your Pinterest account can also be useful to attract more viewers. Once they realize that you are a genuine person, they will keep re-visiting your profile and start trusting you more.

To prove your identity, you can also put up a display picture of yourself with some description of what you do. To confirm your website, just click on the icon of the ‘confirm website’ on the website section.

Follow all the instructions on the next page and attach your website through any method you find suitable. You will get free traffic from Pinterest search in no time!

7. Create A Friendly Online Profile

You fully need to maximize your profile for the users. A user-friendly profile is very essential to get free traffic from Pinterest search. The more you keep posting on your profile, the more users will visit you.

You can also make your profile user-friendly by creating boards that you can easily promote. You can even convert your boards. Sometimes getting traffic on a single board is easier than getting traffic for the whole profile. So, make creative and popular boards!

8. Build A Community On Your Profile

Just like any other social media platform, you can get free traffic from Pinterest search if you work in a community with others. You can do so by following other boards that are similar to your category.

9. Be More Social

Be more social on your social media profile and try to help your users as much as possible. If you provide a solution to their problems, they will keep revisiting your profile to find more useful things. You will surely get free traffic from Pinterest search in this way.

10. Keep up the good work

By and large, you need to be patient for the development of your account. Do not stay in the hope to get free traffic from Pinterest search just within days. The development of your account can be time taking. But, if you put in more effort, you will get high rewards too. So, just be patient and keep working on your account!

So, if you also want to get free traffic from Pinterest search, just follow these steps. Although it will take much time to achieve your goal, you will reach there eventually. Just practice patience!

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