13 best website builders for a small business in 2022

13 best website builders for a small business in 2022

Choosing the best website builders for small businesses has never been easier. A website or an online store is a vital piece of organizations these days. Consistently, an ever-increasing number of individuals are looking towards web-based buying of products and services. This means it is essential for businesses to have a website. Ever thought about how to make an advanced, adaptable site for your business? Well, we’ve shortlisted the best website builders to help you through it.

1. Weebly

Link: Weebly

First on our list is Weebly. It is considered as one of the best website building platforms. They have features that can help you within setting up various components and adding them to your page.

Also, you can join their platform for free and get storage capacity and advertisement space. In case you need additional capacity, you could subscribe to their month to month offers. If any further assistance is required, Weebly’s customer support has had many positive reviews.

2. Zyro

Link: Zyro

Zyro is another easy to use website building alternative that gives you a few free choices including bandwidth and storage. You can also make money by selling various items since it incorporates a web-based module that encourages you with sales.

Zyro offers free tools to wonderfully plan your website. They offer another incredible feature in their logo building. If you require some extra perks, you can even select their paid features as well.

3. HubSpot Content Management System

Link: Hubspot content management system

If you are utilizing HubSpot you can without much effort create blog entries, landing, and site pages. Using its imaginative layouts you can make an alluring site. Its tools and features can be used to design innovative websites. HubSpot has a feature that allows you to view the guest’s chat box and catch lead from it. Making content as per guests will additionally support you.

4. Wix

Link: Wix

Wix is the most creative platform for non-experienced people. The drag-and-drop tool allows you to drop any images or files on your webpage with ease. There are hundreds of templates available to design your website.

You can also get some additional features like an advertisement column, newsletter, etc. You can use this platform to take advantage of their services and try to build your site in your way.

5. Duda

Link: Duda

Duda focuses on e-commerce and offers a professional website building service. This platform is known for its developer mode and dynamic websites. Having features of instant uploading, this website is one of the best website building platforms in the market for designing modern websites, whether you build it for yourself or to sell.

6. Squarespace

Link: Squarespace

The headquarter of Squarespace is located in New York. The company offers website building that enables you to register domains.  You can additionally host as well. It allows you to form a website for small businesses with their features and marketing strategies.

Squarespace is an amazing site for innovative people who want a visually stunning design. The best designs are available that can provide a creative look to your website. Furthermore, you can avail a free trial of two weeks and give this platform a try.

7. WordPress

Link: WordPress

WordPress.com is popular among millions of bloggers and website creators. WordPress platform hosts the website for you so it’s easier to set up a decent blog and get going. Most of their services are free to use but if you need additional perks, you can still opt to get some premium services to enjoy more features.

8. SITE123

Link: SITE123

SITE123 is another website builder that you can avail for free. They have a range of beautiful templates for you to choose from. SITE123 is well recognized by website creators for its wide range of features such as free hosting, custom domain, and SEO tools. You can also create your online store with this platform which makes it a great choice for small businesses.

9. BigCommerce

Link: BigCommerce

This is an e-commerce platform that has more built-in tools than most of its competitors. They offer secure hosting and full access to hundreds of their website building tools that you can try for fourteen days, free of cost. Moreover, their checkout customization and theme management make them one of the best choices for website building.

10. Jimdo

Link: Jimdo

The simple to use platform Jimdo is famous among people who do not have a lot of coding knowledge. You can create your website with Jimdo using their friendly user interface and a subdomain. Most of their services are free of cost but you could go for a premium plan if you need more storage or pages on your website.

11. Shopify

Link: Shopify

Shopify is an international website builder whose headquarter is situated in Ontario. It provides you an option through which you can have a month to month subscriptions. For building an online business website, it is well worth a look. It provides clear functions that are improving day by day.

Moreover, Shopify offers easy marketing techniques to help you increase traffic on your website. You can manage your payment, stats, and products. It also permits you to make an easy e-commerce store. Thus, you can manage your whole business without any technical skills.

12. Hibu

Link: Hibu

Hibu is also an international website building platform that offers several services, including digital marketing, creating plans, guides, and building websites. They have plenty of resources and tools on their website that small businesses can use to manage their websites.

These tools make it one of the best website builders on the market. They are also well-known for their customer service that provides you with all the details if you’re not familiar with designing and hosting.

13. Pixpa

Link: Pixpa

Last but not the least, Pixpa is specially designed for photographers and website creators. They have several tools to help you build an effective portfolio website. Pixpa also offers the option of creating an online store for small businesses. Usually, their service is paid but you can get a free 15-day trial to test them out.

As technology progresses, e-commerce and online businesses are getting a lot of attention from millions of people around the world. If you own any kind of business and want to form a site for it, you should definitely consider one of the above-mentioned website building platforms.

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