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Questions SEO Agencies Should Ask Their Clients

List of some of the questions an SEO agency should ask their client before starting any kind of SEO project, and why they’re important to the overall SEO process.

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The difference between Apple, Microsoft and Google

Finally Microsoft is showning great commitment to the future of computing, after seven years of hard work Microsoft aim to completely change the way we interact…

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SEO : How to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is widely used today to get the best and free online marketing for your website.

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SEO 2.0 Strategy Guide

SEO 2.0 is the most up to date strategy which take into consideration all recent search engine and social media algorithm updates, if you haven’t updated your strategy …


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Are you ready for Google’s mobile revolution?

Today Google updated its algorithm to penalize website which aren’t mobile-friendly.

Top 6 social media and their benefits for businesses

Let’s investigate each of the 6 most important social Medias and categorize which term of businesses they would provide best results.

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Google To Index HTTPS Pages First, Before HTTP Pages

Google will index HTTPS pages first, before the HTTP equivalent page. If your pages work on HTTPS, Google will likely show the HTTPS version over the HTTP version, starting today.

How to keep up with social media while on holiday

Are you prepared for the challenges of keeping your digital social media followers engaged over your summer holiday season?

20 tricks for a perfect SEM campaign in Google Adwords ads

Step by step guide of Google Adwords ads with 20 essential tricks for your SEM (Search engine marketing) campaigns to enhance and make the most of your ads.

Lead Generation: How to attract new clients through social media

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as sales leads.