Amazon affiliate marketing – 15 steps to earn $1000 a month (Step by Step)

Amazon affiliate marketing – 15 steps to earn $1000 a month (Step by Step)

Who doesn’t like some extra income? Especially if this extra income requires just a few hours of online work and the result being in the form of up to $1000 a month. It would be the dream of everyone! Now it is possible through Amazon affiliate marketing.

You can fulfill this dream now by registering yourself at Amazon affiliate marketing. You will be paid commission on every click the readers make on the affiliated links created by you in your blogs. These links direct the users to the Amazon website.

You will be paid a commission if these clicks are converted into sales. The range of commission varies depending upon the product that you have advertised or reviewed in your blog.

So, if you are also looking to earn some money with Amazon affiliate marketing, take a look at the following basic steps that we have shortlisted for you.

1. Get yourself familiar with HTML

Getting familiar with HTML is the basic step to earn money through Amazon affiliate marketing. Using HTML nowadays is less complicated than it was a few years ago.

There are many templates on different websites that have made the process very easy. But, you still need to get yourself familiar with the basic HTML skills. You should know how to insert images, create links, and do basic formatting.

2. Select An Item To Advertise

Select any item to get a commission from Amazon affiliate marketing. These can be any items such as gadgets, books, music, and kitchen related items. But, remember that low-budget products such as books will yield little commission of up to 5% only.

Many successful affiliates on Amazon affiliate marketing advertise the products with a high volume of purchasers. They also advertise those items that cost high. Therefore, always go for the product which is in demand along with having some basic knowledge about it.

3. Set Up Your Blog

It is very easy to make a blog to earn money through Amazon affiliate marketing. It doesn’t even require much to be paid. There are many blogging websites where you can set up your blog. Some of them are for absolutely free whereas others require very small monthly subscription fees.

4. Pick Up A Name For Your Domain

Picking up a unique name for your domain is very important to get the right traffic for your blog. Although the name doesn’t have to be much witty, make sure that it is rich in keywords. It will make your website appear in top searches when people will search for anything related to your niche.

5. Enroll The Name Of Your Domain

Another important step to earn money through amazon affiliate marketing is to list your domain. Although some websites provide free registration of your domain name, you can register only a limited number of niches there. On the other hand, many low-cost websites allow you to register an unlimited number of niches with very little fees.

6. Download Blog Software

Downloading software for your blog is essential to provide your blog with a suitable format it requires. The software will also make it easier for you to post multiple blogs on the site. Therefore, select a software that is easy to install and use such as WordPress Blog.

7. Make Your Blog Creative

From the many templates available on your blog software, select a template that you think is unique. Giving a creative look to your blog is crucial because the more creative it is, the more traffic it will attract. This would make it easier to earn money through amazon affiliate marketing.

8. Divide Your Blog Into Sections

Dividing your blog into sections or sub-sections is essential. It would make it easier for the reader to look up for your website when they search it online. Additionally, it would also help the readers to find their area of interest while going through your article. Many blog software has the feature to assign sections and categories to your blog.

9. Sign Up At Amazon

Signing up at Amazon affiliate marketing is not much of an uphill struggle. All you need to do is to visit their website. On the very bottom of the page, you will notice a button that says Join Associates. Just click on it. The Amazon support team will review your blog site. If they find it suitable, your site will be approved!

10. Select Your Payment Method

Selecting the payment method is another important step to join Amazon affiliate marketing. You can choose to give out your payment details now or later. Once this matter is sorted, you can proceed to your dashboard to form links of your blog.

11. Form Links Of Your Blogs

On your blog posting page, you will notice an icon called ‘bookmarklet’. Drag the link by clicking on it. Save it to your favorites menu. This will help you to update your blog with the items that you are going t advertise.

12. Create Your Very First Link

The next step is to look for the items that you want to review on Amazon by logging into your affiliate account. Once you have selected the products to review, get the link to that item by using the site stripe.

13. Write Your Blog

After selecting the product and creating a link for it, you will need to review it. You will post the link you just created with the help of your blog posting software on this review. Once you are done with writing the review, divide it into necessary subsections, and then post it.

14. Post A Lot Of Content

Make sure that your site has quite a lot of content before trying to promote it. Less content would make the visitors question the authenticity of your website. They will just return without actually clicking on the links.

15. Advertise Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Once you have posted a lot of content on your website, you can now engage in the promotion of it. You can promote your website by participating in discussions being held online and asking others to advertise your website.

So, register yourself right now with the Amazon affiliate marketing to get up to $1000 a month!

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