10 best blogging courses to help grow your blog in 2022

10 best blogging courses to help grow your blog in 2022

Searching for the best blogging courses to start your blog? Are you new to blogging or hoping to start your journey as a blogger? Then you need to make sure that you’re well-versed with everything about blogging.

One might think that blogging is an easy task, but it isn’t at all. It requires a lot of effort to grow and make your mark on the internet where many other blogs exist. 

To make sure that you’re making the most of your blog, you should take blogging courses. This helps pave the way for success. This way, you can make the most of the tips provided in the courses and be as efficient as possible.

So, let’s take a look at 10 of the best blogging courses out there for you to make use of. 

1. WordPress For Beginners: Create A Website Step By Step

Creating a blog means that you will need to get accustomed to how to start your website. Moreover, you will need to understand everything there is about WordPress as well. So, what’s better than taking a course that is exceptionally built for beginners? 

WordPress For Beginners is a course offered by Udemy that helps you figure out all you need to about WordPress.  The detailed, step-by-step instruction format is perfect for beginners. It’s effective and will help you exceptionally at a price of $89.99. 

2. Blog Traffic Blueprint 

If you wish to understand everything there is about building your traffic, then Blog Traffic Blueprint is a course designed for your needs.

Get to learn the various strategies through which you can improve your blog traffic and grow your blog. It includes concepts such as The Mafia Method and The Traffic Shortcut. This course ranges on the higher side at $497. 

3. Blog Traffic Tactics: Create A Huge Following Using 9 Steps

Another one of the Udemy courses, Blog Traffic Tactics, is here to help you increase your following. Learn how to attract the audience that you have been pinning for since you started your blog. 

The course takes you over the journey of 9 steps. Through these steps, you will able to understand how you can derive larger traffic to your blog. This will cost you $49.99. 

4. Built To Blog

Are you looking for the ultimate course through which you can learn all the different facets of blogging? Then Built To Blog is your best bet. This course will help you figure out all that you need to about blogging. 

Starting from your blog’s name to keyword searches and SEO strategies, this course will help you throughout your blogging journey. You will be able to learn a lot through this course at a cost of $297. 

5. Blogging 101: Build A Successful Blog In 2019 And Beyond

Blogging 101 is here to guide you with all the relevant details when it comes to setting up your blog. You will learn the basics of setting up, marketing and installing all the right plugins with this exceptional course. 

After you’re done with this course, you’re sure to feel less like a beginner. You will be equipped with relevant details and guidelines to set up a successful blog. To access this course, you will need to pay about $190. 

6. Superstar Blogging By Nomadic Matt

This course was started by an exceptional blogger, Nomadic Matt, who is known for his travel blogging across the world. What’s better than perfecting your travel blog with the help of the person with immense experience in it? From choosing a website builder to setting up your website, you will find everything here. 

This 10-week course is exceptionally detailed and perfectly fits the needs of every blogger. At a cost of $249, you will be getting a lot of information. Use this to create and grow your travel blog like never before. 

7. Food Blogger Pro

Food blogging is all about coming up with creative and unique content. But what happens when you’re in a creative burn? This is where Food Blogger Pro comes in. You can subscribe to this course and pay an annual fee of $279 to get access to over 300 videos. 

These are all filled with instructions about how to create a food blog and grow it. But you have to act fast as you cannot enroll at any time you like. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter if you wish to know about their enrollment. 

8. Blog By Number

Blog By Number was initially designed to help all the mommy-bloggers out with their platforms. But it is no longer restricted to their use only. You can learn all there is to blogging with this course and it will help pave the way to success. 

Find your niche, set up your blog, create online stores, improve traffic, and increase your e-mail list with this. There is no blogging stone that this course will leave unturned. At a cost of $120, this is a highly effective blogging course for everyone out there!

9. Blogging Basics

Not looking for an intense course that you will have to spend lots of money on? Well, Blogging Basics is made for you. It is cost-free, so you don’t need to worry about paying excessive amounts of money for this course. 

All you need to do is pay attention to what the course offers. You will find the basics here such as availability of platforms, blog layouts, and design tricks for you. 

10. List Love

One of the most essential parts of being a blogger is to ensure that you have the right mailing list. List Love is here to help you figure out all you need to build your mailing list for your blog. 

You will learn all the secrets of how to earn income through your mailing list with this course. And, the best thing is that it will only cost you $97!

Final thoughts

Check out which of the above courses are most suited for your blogging needs. The better knowledge you have of how things work, the more equipped you will be to grow your blog. Take blogging courses and create a successful blog with their help! 

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