10 best 3D printing software of 2022 (free & paid)

10 best 3D printing software of 2022 (free & paid)

Looking for the best 3D printing software to design or edit 3D models. There are many great inventions in this world, but 3D printing is one of the most surprising ones. 3D printing software simply makes the transition of your digital model into a real 3D model easier. This is done through CAD. 

There are many of you who want to try 3D modeling software but are unsure of which are the best. For this, keep a couple of things in mind when choosing your 3D printing software. 

The first being how many file formats can the software support, or if it facilitates you over the cloud. Alternatively, you can see the personalization features your tool offers, and if you can customize it to a different scale. Simulation features can help you gauge your needs too which help with 3D models. 

Rather than visiting various software information websites to find the best 3D printing software for your business, our compilation of the best 3D printing software would be way better. Therefore, here is a list of reviews for the 10 best 3D printing software you need to check out. 

1. Autodesk AutoCAD

Are you a professional who understands the specifics of 3D modeling? If yes, you should not be in search of a 3D printing software anymore. Because AutoCAD by Autodesk will cater to all your professional needs. 

With robust features, this software can help in an enhanced presentation while also providing you access to analysis tools. Not only will you have the software for the 2 main OS but can also have sector-specific sub-tools. This includes AutoCAD for architecture, electrical work, plant 3D, and Map 3D, etc. 

2. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is exactly how it sounds like. It is a free, open-source 3D printing software that is perfect for practice. It offers a wide variety of features with many options for parameter changes and maintaining history. 

The software supports 4 main OS including Linux. Apart from these, it also provides you with FEA tools, experimental CFD, geodata and Path workbenches, and BIM, etc. It is the perfect learning tool for students especially in the area of mechanical engineering or architecture.

3. MeshLab

Like FreeCAD, MeshLab is also a free and open-source tool for 3D modeling. It also facilitates 3D modeling learners to hone their skills, but the software lacks some important features. Regardless, it is great for processing meshes. 

The software can color-map and has amazing options to add texture. Furthermore, MeshLab has all the essential slicing, hollowing, offsetting, cleaning, and measurement tools you would need for your 3D model. If you’re a beginner, MeshLab would be perfect for you. 

4. BlocksCAD

BlocksCAD is the best 3D printing software if you are planning to shift to a professional tool soon. Not everyone is comfortable with professional tools in their first go and that is okay. BlocksCAD can help you learn as it is compatible with most of them.

This tool has a very user-friendly interface which makes it great for educational purposes. The features are displayed boldly as blocks which makes everything easy. Plus, it is free to use. 

5. Rhinoceros 3D

Rhinoceros 3D is one of the top software for 3D printing mainly because of the geometric detailing it offers. Many of the functions for this 3D modeling software can help you control the points, meshes, curves, solids, and surfaces. This is because it operates with the help of the geometric model, NURB. 

It is one of the most robust 3D modeling tools you can find which supports various file formats. Another great plus is that it operates over the cloud, making collaboration much easier for users. There are various pricing plans available that make the entire process very flexible. 

6. SketchUp Make

Architecture requires you to display your 3D models to clients billions of times. This requires a whole new set of features. SketchUp Make is the perfect 3D printing tool for architectural use. 

It has simulation features and the option for you to collaborate effectively. SketchUp Make further makes it easy to convert 3D models to 2D designs for presentation use. But it can cost you more than a grand annually. 

7. 3D Slash

It is often difficult when most 3D printing software is too complex to use. 3D Slash can cater to modeling needs that are less technical in nature. With basic features, support for file formats like STL and OBJ, the tool also offers VR. 

For people looking to explore the world of 3D printing, 3D Slash is the best fit. It can help you get an idea of what 3D modeling is about and costs a monthly minimum of $2. 

8. Meshmixer

While there are many tools that can edit and process meshes, very few can do the same with triangular ones. Compatible with many file formats making the conversion simpler and convenient, it also provides a great finish. 

Other than texture finishing, it also has amazing options for brushing and surface-related tools. What’s more? It is free to use.

9. Sure you OnShape

Storage can be a huge pain when it comes to using 3D printing software. OnShape gives you the relief from that pain. How? It is built entirely on the cloud enabling you to save a lot of space. 

This not only enables effective collaboration but also makes it easy to create detailed 3D models with a master edition. If you only require the basic tools you can use the product for free too. 

10. Autodesk Fusion 360

Saving the best for last. Fusion 360 by Autodesk is the strongest competitor in the field of 3D printing software. It is flawless for mechanical parts and allows you to control all of the designs and shapes. 

Real-time collaboration is simple over Autodesk Fusion 360 and the finishing for the model is as clean as can be. You can also make effective use of the simulation features for the software. Another plus – it gets cheaper if you pay annually. 

Final thoughts

These were some of the best 3D printing software that exists in the digital world today. They include the ones that can help you get started and the ones that are great for professional industrial use. According to your purpose, you can select the software that works best for you and start designing, modeling, and printing.

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