8 best investment apps to manage your finances

8 best investment apps to manage your finances

Are you searching for the best investment apps to save, grow, and invest money? Investments in any financial institutions are managed by investment applications. These applications may help to save the money of investors and to improve their portfolios. You can now trade instantly with just a few clicks on your smartphone by using some of the best investment apps for personal or business use. Here are some of the best investment apps available in 2021.

1. Robinhood

Link: Robinhood

First on our list is Robinhood: A popular application for free trade.  The best feature of Robinhood is that this application is that the platform is completely commission-free. Its charges are zero for stock trading.

You can easily download it without any installation charges from the app store or play store. It gives a ton of information with the graphs and stats that can help the investors to understand trading markets and risks. This information helps them make better decisions regarding their investment. Robinhood supports cryptocurrency and has a feature that will help in making quick trades.

This application also has a lot of buying options and manages the portfolio of the investor with several tools. If you get the premium facility of Robinhood you can also avail the opportunity to trade with borrowed money.

The users prefer using this application as this app provides them with convenience via quick access. So, if you want an easy to use application for trading, this application can help you with it.

2. Ally

Link: Ally

Second, on our list of best investment apps is Ally. If you are a beginner, the ally app is a great platform too. It allows you to start trading with no requirements on minimum balance which means it is easy to start with low amounts of investment.

Also, Ally allows you to use a top investment platform with its great services at no cost. This definitely makes it one of the top choices for stocks and other trading options.  You can easily invest your money in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It also supports self-directed and managed portfolios. You can easily use online ways for brokerage and bank without worrying about going anywhere.


Link: Stockpile

If you are using stockpile then you can purchase shares off this company too. It charges a fee of 99 cents per trade and you can send or receive a redeemable card as a gift. Gifting service can be used even if you don’t have an account. 

This application also allows you to keep track of your trades and your investment budget. It is the ideal choice and one of the best investment apps that we would recommend to people who are beginning to invest despite having fewer funds available to get going.

4. Fundrise

Link: Fundrise

Fundrise is just like a real estate company that gives an investor full access to real estate accounts and deals. It is an application that deals with long-term investment as it focuses mainly on properties and real estate investment.

Investors can buy their own private or residential properties with the help of Fundrise. The main feature of this app is the credibility and trust when it comes to real estate or REITs.

EFunds are a part of this application and can be used later to buy properties. Moreover, Investors can also subscribe to their premium to avail benefits and perks of this modern real estate investment application.

5. M1 Finance

Link: M1 Finance

When talking about investment applications, we just can’t leave M1 Finance out of the list. M1 Finance is one of the few apps on the market that offers commission-free investment options. There are no charges for the app and the services.  It has a rating of 4.8 and 4.9 on Google play store and Apple app store with a lot of positive reviews from the users.

They offer investment options that can be done via their automated service as well. This service makes the app select low-risk stocks and place trades for you. If you are looking for some of the best investment apps, then it is highly recommended to try M1 Finance for long term investments.

6. Betterment

Link: Betterment

Betterment is an application that specializes in automated investment based on the characteristics of the investor. Their automated investment features work with you to create a portfolio while considering your investment options and habits.

The app charges a low setup fee for portfolio management. They also specialize in tax-efficient trading and boast about saving the tax of their clients. Betterment, like its competitors, offers a robot advisor to guide you with investment options and advise you with recommended trades. However, you can even opt-out of automated advising and get in touch with their team of human advisors with betterment premiums.

7. Acorns

Link: Acorns

Acorns is one of the best investment apps that focus on savings. This application’s automated advising saves you spare changes and transfers them to your account. Trades placed via cards are rounded up to the nearest dollar.

The extra cents are sent to a dedicated savings account to stack up and build over time with each trade placed. It is also a user-friendly application with no complexities that enables us to use it without much trading or investment experience.

8. Stash

Link: Stash

Finally, if you are looking for one of the best investment apps that allows you to start with low amounts of cash then stash is your ideal choice. With this application, you can start investing with just 5$.

This option attracts many beginners and also helps them with educational content and guides about investing. After installing and answering the basic profile questions, this application allows you to start learning more about investing. Stash will also suggest you many individual stocks.

Furthermore, you can even take part in different games and challenges that add a bit of a fun element to your investing career.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of apps that offer investment options. If you are looking for the best investment apps, you should try these out, according to your requirements and preferences. These are some of the best investment apps that will provide you with a reliable platform.

They are secure and make sure your money is invested efficiently. Best investment apps can handle your financial tasks and will allow you to focus on other things. This type of investing feels more accessible for new investors and makes their goals easier to achieve.

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