10 Best screenwriting software in 2022 (free and paid)

10 Best screenwriting software in 2022 (free and paid)

Are you searching for the best screenwriting software for your video production? If you have a knack for writing and for film, screenwriting might be your calling. However, screenwriting isn’t the same as simple writing. It has different rules and formats that you must follow. 

Editing and formatting for screenwriting can take up a lot of time. Not to mention everything you have to learn to make it fit for a screen. This is where screenwriting software jumps in. It is your answer if you want to enter the film industry as a screenwriter. 

Instead of the manual labor of keeping track of everything in your writing, you can simply use a screenwriting tool. Apart from this, the software will also keep copies of everything finessing your work through the use of various shortcuts. 

But how do you know which is the right fit for you? Here is a list of 10 best screenwriting software that you need to know about for film, television, or any video related business.

1. WriterDuet

Link: https://www.writerduet.com/

WriterDuet is one of the top tools for screenwriting when it comes to collaboration. If you are a professional in the field, it is the perfect screenwriting software allowing a variety of file formats. 

WriterDuet is ideal for screenwriting, however if you are comfortable working offline, there’s another option for it. You do need to be online if you require collaboration and other services. The best part is that the first 3 scripts are completely free of cost. 

2. StudioBinder

Link: https://www.studiobinder.com/

This is one of most popular screenwriting software there are. Numerous high-end companies and professional screenwriters make use of StudioBinder for writing for television. 

With a simple interface it also offers various options to customize multiple things. These include tagging elements, building storyboards, or creating calling sheets. While StudioBinder has a free plan as a learning platform, businesses opt for the paid software because of advanced features.

3. Movie Magic Screenwriter

Link: http://www.screenplay.com/

Movie Magic Screenwriter really does all sorts of magic for you. The purpose of this screenwriting software isn’t simply limited to screenwriting but has been acclaimed for it. 

This screenwriting software offers simple features like color-coding, tagging, collaboration, and conversion from text to speech. The most unique feature is that the software allows itself to format your script according to the present cinematic standards. 

4. Final Draft

Link: https://www.finaldraft.com/

If you want to know about the top-most screenwriting tool that exists today, it is Final Draft. Other than being awarded multiple awards, it is popularly used by renowned streaming channels. It can really open you to the world of screenwriting through one simple software. 

Final Draft supports 90+ languages and has cutting-edge features for brainstorming, layouts, visualization, and beats, etc. It also backs up your files automatically for minimum loss, so there are no worries. It is reasonable in cost and to check it out, you can try the free trial month too. 

5. Fade In

Link: https://www.fadeinpro.com/

Fade In is a strong competitor for Final Draft but it is focused on film production. It operates on various OS and is affordable for many. One of the most unique features by this screenwriting software has to be the calculator for actions and dialogues. 

This tool also encourages complete focus through its full-screen mode and an autocomplete feature. It works great with images and enables collaboration in real-time. The best part is that it doesn’t even take up a lot of space because of cloud storage. 

6. Celtx

Link: https://www.celtx.com/

More on cloud-based screenwriting software, Celtx is also among the best. Being a globally used software, it gives you feedback reports on your writing to improve. 

This screenwriting software is compatible with almost all devices and creates one fundamental file for better categorization. Apart from simple screenwriting it also offers many features that can help you with pre-production planning. Celtx is available for you for as low as a monthly minimum of $20. 

7. Slugline

Link: https://slugline.co/

Slugline is a great screenwriting tool if you need to be on the go every minute. Writing really doesn’t wait for everyone. It is amazingly compatible with most PDF files which can be an issue with other software. 

This screenwriting tool goes easy on the eyes when need be so there’s no problem with staying up late. One downside may be that it only supports Mac and iOS, which can be a little disappointing. 

8. Script Studio

Link: http://www.scriptstudio.com/

There have been many impressive options on this list for screenwriting software. What makes Script Studio so special? The answer is as simple as that it helps with writer’s block. A separate archive for movies that you can easily refer to when you’re stuck makes the entire process easier. 

Screenwriting should be facilitated, and this software does that. It also allows you to work full screen in case you need to be free from distractions. It is perfect for people who are starters in the screenwriting business.

9. Scrivener

Link: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/

Most people do not like working on a screen even if they’re writing for the screen. The best part about Scrivener is that it can imitate some of the more concrete tools. These include scrapbooks and typewriters. 

This screenwriting software gives you access to a research library where you have material ranging from different genres. You can display your Corkboard to switch things around and has simple tutorials in case you need help. You can even experiment with Scrivener on a free trial for a month. 

10. KIT Scenarist

Link: https://kitscenarist.ru/

If you are not a fan of cloud-based software or do not require collaboration, KIT Scenarist should be your go-to. It is a free and open-source screenwriting software allowing you access to a wide spectrum of tools. 

KIT Scenarist is compatible with various OS and has storyboards to help with visualization. It can work with many file formats and work with multiple languages along with a set management feature. It is the perfect screenwriting software for television. 

Final thoughts

This compilation of the 10 best screenwriting software would have made your decision easier. With so many options at your disposal, you can choose one that works best for your screenwriting capabilities. Don’t wait any longer to get started. Start now. 

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