Best blogging platforms to start a blog in 2022

Best blogging platforms to start a blog in 2022

Are you looking for the best blogging platforms to start your blog? Blogs are gaining a lot more attention these days as more and more individuals are gaining the confidence to make and publish them. If you’re looking to start your own website, take a look at some top best blogging platforms we’ve shortlisted for you.

1. Wix


First on our list of best blogging platforms is Wix, a free to platform where you can add blogs regularly. The best part about this platform is that it is completely free of cost and user friendly.

They also offer you free templates which are a cherry on top. All you have to do is sign up and get going with your blog by adding multiple images, attractive background, videos, etc.

You will be able to manage these on your own page. When you think the page is ready to go online for everyone to see, give it a go and start publishing your blogs with tons of customizable options.

2. WordPress


This is one of the best blogging platforms where you can manage, create, and maintain your own site and blogs on WordPress(Self-hosted). It is user-friendly and contains easy to use tools and functions for management.

The self-hosted version of WordPress gives you more advantage on freedom as you host your own website and blogs.

3. Joomla


This is flexible, free software you can use to publish blogs. However, if you are working on this site you may have to pay for site hosting and domain name.

You can design any websites and immediately write blogs of your choice on this platform. The tools that are present in the menu bar are easy to use.

Joomla includes many features such as designing websites or creating your own templates that give your blogs a new look.

You can also use bootstraps in Joomla for designs on top of thousands of professional templates. For this reason, it is one of the best blogging platforms on the internet.

4. Blogger


One of the best blogging website websites available for content creation is Blogger. After making an account and signing in, you can select a theme and start writing your thoughts.

Blogger offers impressive templates that are also available in smaller sizes for mobile viewing. This is also a great feature considering many people prefer to use their phones to view online content such as blogs.

The designs and colors of the background are not too fancy as the website tends to keep the reader’s focus on your content.

Google Drive and other Google applications can work hand in hand with this website. This means your files containing blogs and images can be saved and backed up on your Google drive.

Blogger offers filtration of spam comments, space for ads, and helps you to see your readers around the world.

5. Yola


Yola is a very easy to use platform that has a free plan, offering you two web pages and three websites.

The advantage of Yola is that it doesn’t fill your website with spam posts or ads and focuses on your content which makes it one of the best blogging websites. Y

ola gives you 1 gigabyte of storage along with bandwidth and templates to design your blog according to your preference. You can make changes to how your page looks with its tools as well.

6. Medium


It is a platform for bloggers and journalists where they can write and post their content. This could be related to any topic or issue which they think needs a discussion.

On this platform, your writing will be available to your audience. They can read your blogs and can clap it to show appreciation if they like it.

Usage of a medium is easy as you just have to sign up before writing the blog. Medium controls your content and has very limited marketing features but it is a great website if you want some elegant writing experience.

7. Ghost


If you are a beginner and looking for some of the best blogging websites that are easy to use, Ghost is well worth a look. This application is built on JavaScript and it has the best working speed with mobile operating functions as well.

Ghost provides great interface service as compared to other sites for experienced people as well. It gives you a live preview on the side of the screen along with your writing to correct your errors. This makes it one of the best websites to blog on.

8. Tumblr


This is another free to use the website on our list of best blogging platforms. It has been gaining massive popularity among the younger generation as they have a habit of writing personal blogs with lots of images. You can share the content here in the form of blogs, images, gifs, clipart, etc.

This, however, means that more attention is drawn to images and your content may get overshadowed by the visuals. You can re-blog the content with several designing options available which still makes it one of the top platforms for content sharing.

Tumblr is easy to use and allows its users to own a free website without actually having a domain name or content.

9. Weebly


Weebly is used for writing blogs, displaying portfolios, and selling products. Like Wix, this software also offers a drag-and-drop option which helps you drag images, videos and adding them to your page.

The best feature of Weebly is that it contains a secret draft link where you can view or email your unpublished blogs.

You can also sign in to their free offer and get 500mb storage, ad space, and sub-domain along with five pages without spending any money.



This version of WordPress is also popular among bloggers as it offers most of the original WordPress services.

The difference here is that the WordPress platform hosts the website for you so it’s easier to set up and get going. It is free to use but you can still opt to get some premium services to enjoy more features. Your site will be placed under a subdomain and you will be given three gigabytes of storage data.

Websites and platforms are the first things considered by many bloggers who have just started. To find an easy to use, effective platform that offers the right services is essential to starting a successful career. If you’re looking to start a blog, then consider one of the best blogging platforms from this list.

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