How to name your blog the right way

How to name your blog the right way

If you are wondering how to name your blog the right way, you came to the right place. When thinking of starting a blog, the first thing that may come across your mind is; what will be the blog’s name? This is a very important question that may arise in your mind.

The name of your blog will be something that readers will recognize you with from day one till the end. It is what will allow the audience to know what your blog is about. Also, what message you are wishing to put out through your blog.

Your blog’s name is also important because this is what will make it unique. It will make it stand out from the millions of blogs available online. The name will be its differentiation point.

So, before you start preparing content for your blog, it is important for you to decide on a name. As a new blogger, you may think this is a difficult task – how are you to think of such a great name that would last your blog’s lifetime, be remembered by the audience, and be unique?

Well, you’ve stumbled across the correct blog – we have some very important tips you can think through, which will help you in naming your blog!

Read, read, and read! 

The more you read, the more your vocabulary and mind’s creativity will expand. Through reading various books and articles, you may be able to create a new thinking dimension which was previously not there.

This will allow your mind to think a different way than you were before. You could eventually start thinking of a fresh name for your blog.

Since it’s created from the imagination of your mind, its uniqueness can be guaranteed. It will be surely related to the content your mind is thinking to produce through the blog.

Dictionary and thesaurus to the rescue 

Which books in the world are full of all the words present in the English language? The dictionary and thesaurus, of course. Now, you may be thinking that this is crazy!

How can someone go through the entire English dictionary and thesaurus, wouldn’t that make you more confused?

Nope! Once you have an idea of the letter you want your blog to start with; you will be more focused on going through those words.

When you go through the dictionary, not only will you be scanning through words, but also their meanings. You will notice that, your mind will grasp onto a few words. These will be the ones which it really likes and it may filter out the rest.

This is the key – these are the words you need to use in your blog name! Remember to get a book-form of the dictionary or thesaurus and not the online version. You will find yourself being led towards your inspirational words soon before you know it.

Alliteration techniques 

Alliteration is the process of creating names that are catchy and have no true origin. It is done by mixing and matching various statements and using the first letters of the words in the statements to reach a completely new word.

This is a technique used by various bloggers. It ensures that a unique name is created according to statements that are close to your heart.

These stylish and fun names end up being the memorable ones – people tend to remember unique names for longer and this ensures that your audience will remember, too.

Puns are fun 

Puns are words that can have two different meanings depending on the context. This is what makes them fun, you can take the meaning as whatever you want it to be.

To make your blog name out of a good pun, you need to use phrases that are usually used in your niche of writing and change a word from it to something that could turn into a pun.

A pun in a blog name will not only provide a good laugh to your audience but will also ensure that the name sticks in their minds.

However, make sure that the pun you decide on is one that can be guessed by most people. It will lose its importance if you’re the only one who can understand it.

Humor and a good laugh 

Just like puns, using humorous names for your blog can be really appealing to the audience and allow for your blogs name to stick in their minds for a longer time.

They may also want to suggest it to their friends because of the cool name. It will lighten up your blog’s style and lead people into thinking that you are not a completely serious and boring blog, but rather a fun and interactive one.

Unrelated words 

If you want your blog name to stand out completely, you can create a name out of completely unrelated words that really matter to you.

This will ensure the uniqueness of your blog’s name and will leave people wondering what the two words mean. It will also be a very memorable name for the audience.

Create your own words

Like the above stated, now you can name your blog some complete gibberish, but something that is memorable. Experiment with various letters and come up with a word of your own.

This will be 100% unique and something very different which people will end up remembering.

Your own name 

To ensure professionalism, you can even use your own name as your blogs name. This way, you do not have to specify any niche which you are talking about but rather speak about anything which associates with you.

People will remember you as the author of each blog article and whenever they wish to search up articles on your blog, they’ll simply search up your name.

Sometimes a break leads the mind to think better! 

Thinking of a blog name can be a very tedious task – it consumes much of your mind’s creative thinking ability and you may feel that it is up to no use.

You may end up experiencing writer’s block and its best to take a break, go for a walk and take a few deep breaths – your blog name will appear in your thoughts before you know it!

The most important thing you can do for your blog is to think of a name that would be completely unique and memorable. This will ensure the audience for your blog into the foreseeable future. Take some time into thinking of its name and use the tips mentioned above to help you out!

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

My name is Dani Thifa and I am a husband to a clumsy wife, dad to two cute spider babies, uncle to triplets, blogger, and digital lead at #CGI.

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