How to write a successful blog post – Ultimate guide

How to write a successful blog post – Ultimate guide

Are you looking on how to write a successful blog post for your blog that is both SEO optimized and interesting to read? If you are super interested in writing and promoting content which seems important to you, blogging is the best way to creatively put out your thoughts.

However, it is very important that you know the techniques to make your blog conversational and engaging to attract the audience to it in the long run. If people like the way you write and put words together, it will leave them craving for more and more blogs by you.

They will also share your content with others who may further pass it on further. The cycle will continue again and again in the same manner. This will allow for your blog to reach a lot of people and impact them greatly too.

Writing a blog in this way can seem like a lot of pressure, what if people don’t like your content? What if they don’t approve of your blog? That won’t be the case if you know how to write a blog post that people would actually want to read in the first place.

This means, your blog should attract audience that is meaningful. It takes a lot of effort and time to better your writing skills and to become a good writer.

Apart from this, the competition is becoming very great in the blogging world. It is difficult to differentiate your blog from that of others and to gain a long-term audience.

There are some techniques that you should know to make your blog more grasping and interesting for the reader.

Here is the process you should follow in order to write a blog that would drive a meaningful audience towards it:

Knowing the Audience of Your Blog 

The content you will be creating for your blog will in the end be for a specific target audience you wish to cater to. This can be any audience you wish to speak to. You should decide on this prior to writing your blogs.

Further, once you start uploading the blog posts you must track the audience to see if it is the same target audience you wished to reach through your blog. If it is not, there are certain things missing from your blog that you may need to change so that the correct audience reaches you.

An Interesting Headline For Your Blog Posts 

To make your blog posts come off as ‘unique’ it is important for the headline to be different. It should also be grasping for anyone who comes across it.

They would want to read further by just looking at the headline. It is like a ‘first impression is the last impression’ sort of a situation where a reader will choose if he/she wants to read your blog just by observing the heading within a span of 5 seconds.


For your blog post to get more reach, it is important that you instill keywords into it and make your blog SEO optimized for search engines such as Google.

This will allow for the reach to be greater and whenever people search for a specific keyword on the internet, your blog will pop up as a search result. It will allow for more people to be able to view your blog and even read it if they like. This will keep the audience coming to your blog on a continuous basis.

Grasp Your Readers Attention from the Start 

Your first paragraph of the blog should act as a summary to the contents of the blog post will follow. However, it should not be dry and rather be conversational and grasping for the reader. It should also make the reader want to know further what you are briefly speaking about in this paragraph.

The longer a reader is on your blog page, the more you can ensure that they have read your blog and were impressed by it. This may lead to the audience returning in the future, again and again.

Your Blog Posts Should Answer Questions 

  • The content you create should be something that other people are in search of.
  • Weird and intriguing questions that may come in a reader’s mind should be your target.
  • Speak about things that people are looking to get answers to.
  • Do not only create random content which no one is interested in.
  • Look for questions that even you want to know answers to. This will act as a differentiation point for your blog.

Captivating Stories 

Try to interact and engage with the reader as much as possible through your blog. The more different and unique stories you put forwards for the reader, the more unique your overall blog will look.

The internet is full of the same stories repeating over and over again. Try to be as creative as possible with the stories you put forward.

Easily Scannable Blog Posts 

You must include headings in your blog so that the complete content can be scanned through within seconds. This will make the reader know if he/she is looking to read further or not. Ensure that the headings are also captivating.

Your Writing Should Be Completely Authentic 

Remember that copying other people’s content will not at all bring more audience to your posts. They can find the same text on another blog.

Make sure the quality of your content is great because quality is much better than quantity. Genuinely put forward your thoughts and differentiate your blog from the others available online.

In order for your blog to be successful and earn you income, it is necessary that it reaches an audience that will persistently visit your blog. This can only be done if the audience finds your blog posts to be enjoyable and grasping for them.

Not only will they want to read more and more but will also refer your blog posts and share them with their friends. For this, you need to ensure that your content is good enough in the sense that it is written properly and follows proper blog writing techniques mentioned above.

This will guarantee your blog to being extremely successful in the future. Don’t forget to incorporate the tips mentioned above into your blog and observe the difference soon enough!

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

My name is Dani Thifa and I am a husband to a clumsy wife, dad to two cute spider babies, uncle to triplets, blogger, and digital lead at #CGI.

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