6 top online business ideas to make money in 2022

6 top online business ideas to make money in 2022

Looking for some top online business ideas to start a business online and make money from the very comfort of your home? Being self-employed is the goal everyone has set for their lives, however; it seems quite unachievable when you are working a full-time job.

Starting a business requires a lot of time and commitment. This is the case, specifically in the first few years. It seems like an impossible task when you are already working a 9-5 job, 5 days a week, or more.

Apart from this, starting your own business requires you to possess a risk-taking mindset. You must quit your job whilst investing your time and money into your start-up.

This seems like a huge sacrifice. Nonetheless, the idea always remains in the back of your mind because wouldn’t it be great if you were your own boss?

What if you did not have to make such huge sacrifices, invest too much, or take such great risks but still have a business on the side.

Sounds great, right? Here are some of the most relevant ideas for starting a business this year, that too, online!

Start a Blog 

Blogging may seem like a tedious task. You may believe that it is not a good source of income since the internet already has thousands of bloggers using the platform.

This is not true. The internet platform is limitless and there are opportunities out there for everyone. You could start a blog on any topic which interests you and you possess knowledge about it.

Start building up your portfolio by writing blogs whenever you get the chance to and speak about things that matter. The cost of setting up a blog is very less too which is a bonus!

Before you know it, you will be launching your blog. You will be getting paid as the audience and readers start viewing your content and sharing it further.

If you are considering building a blog business read the following step by step guides and start making money blogging.

Graphic Designing 

If you have a background in the field of graphic design, this would be a plus point for you. If not, practicing on your own will soon lead you to learning new skills and tactics with experimentation.

Possessing a creative mind is a plus point. You can start by designing images and posters for various platforms that may be sharable or can be sold off.

You can keep this business as a side-one and part-time one for when you’re feeling extremely creative. This way you can start building your portfolio and boost up your knowledge about the craft along the way.

Web Designing and Web Development

Starting a web-design or web development business can be a completely online process and would require minimum capital for starting it off.

You can start off by taking freelance gigs to better your experience and knowledge about the field along with the creativity needed. To better your skills in using various applications and tactics, you can also take various online courses to expand your knowledge further.

By acting as a web developer, your skills will be highly demanded. People will want you to handle their websites at the back-end and it’s better if you possess knowledge on HTML, CSS, Java, or even Python. This knowledge can also be acquired by taking free online courses over a few weeks or months’ time.

Online Courses and Online Coaching 

As the whole world shifts online and becomes online, so do teaching and coaching methods. However, there are very few reliable teachers and coaches available online and hence it is a good niche to explore.

You can start by creating videos on the topic which you are good at – as a teacher or coach. You can also start preparing material and quizzes which people can download and print out if needed.

Over time, you will see yourself bettering the skills of video recording and create them to the point. With the use of various applications, you can make your videos more appealing and attractive along with being concise.

This will increase your popularity and allow for people to recommend your teaching or coaching to others, which will soon increase their base of viewers.

Once this happens, you can start charging different prices for various courses. You can expand your teaching or coaching base to other topics that you keep gaining knowledge over and once you have a lot of content, you will be earning great!


If you’re camera shy but have a lot to say and think you do so well, podcasting is your game. Through podcasting, you can speak about absolutely any issue which you feel needs to be discussed or addressed.

You can put forward your views on that and influence others in the process. Through podcasting, you can attain various sponsors and won’t even need to invest your own capital into starting.

Once your podcast goes live and your audience starts building up and people start listening to what you have to say on a regular basis, you will start earning, too.

Start off by focusing on bettering the way you speak and how people relate to it. Once people are able to do so, they will recommend your podcast to others and your audience will grow automatically.

You can also use the help of various social media platforms to advertise your podcasts to ensure a good following and audience.

Re-selling on Amazon

Re-selling products on Amazon is an easy business trick people are trying out. You simply need to have access to products that are available at a low cost, you need to know how to add a bit value to it and end up selling it at a higher price.

This will ensure profitability for you. Amazon is available almost worldwide and this way, your market expands, and you can sell off to various people. Amazon will handle the distribution too, and hence you would have one less thing to worry about.

Once you learn the art of selling, you can switch to this full time.

Starting up an online business will not drain you of your investment, time, or ideas. You can start it off as a side business with the ideas listed above and once it continues to grow, you can look after it full time. At this point, it will be profitable and not be such a great risk too.

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Dani Thifa

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