7 Top highest paid bloggers (crazy successful blogs)

7 Top highest paid bloggers (crazy successful blogs)

Who are the highest paid bloggers in 2021? What is the average earning of a typical blog with less than a million views? Most of us will be thinking that blogging is just a fun activity with minimal earning potential.

Just make sure that you stay put with your guess as you might start thinking about starting your own blog after these statistics about bloggers’ earning details.

Is Blogging a profitable Domain?

Blogging itself is not something that you rank as profitable or non-profitable. There is a wide range of different niches in blogging with varying earning potentials. Finding and targeting the right niche is the real game where successful bloggers beat the competition.

If you keep investing your efforts and resources in low-paying niches, you should not expect passive income from your blog.

But if you spend enough time on the keyword and niche research, a huge earning potential is waiting for you. Highest paid bloggers did not just start writing blogs and became rich.

They spend years experimenting with things for their audience and blog. After years of struggle and dedication, these bloggers made to list the highest paid bloggers 2021.

How much does a Blogger Earn?

What is the average earning of a blogger? The answer can be different on every forum as there is no hard and fast rule to determine the average earning of a blogger.

Most of the bloggers claim to make $500-$10,000 per month during the first year of their start in blogging. These numbers keep growing with time and traffic. More traffic means more revenue and sales.

If you don’t quit in the very first year of blogging, soon you will be making a lot more than your 9-5 job. Well, it’s not that simple as there are going to be many challenges and setbacks that might discourage you.

If you ever feel down during your blogging career, just go through the incomes of the top bloggers, and you will feel a new layer of energy because money is the best motivation in the blogging field.

Ways to Earn Money as a Blogger

How did these highest paid bloggers make money? That’s not a secret anymore because almost every blogger has a detailed case study on his blog from the very first penny to the first million.

Here are the most common earning methods these bloggers used on their blogs to earn millions of dollars.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid guest posting
  • Sponsored ads and posts
  • Google AdSense and other advertisement platforms
  • Selling and marketing their digital products
  • Selling customized merchandise

Highest Paid Bloggers of 2021

Almost every successful blogger started from scratch with a few hundred views in the first month. All of these successful bloggers have one common thing, and that is the patience and dedication to blogging. They did not quit after not earning in the first quarter or first year.

These bloggers with the highest earning are making way more money than many CEOs in other fields of life. If you have read any of their blogs, you already know how much hard they put in their work.

1. Horkey Handbook by Gina Horkey

Blog link: https://horkeyhandbook.com/

Estimated Earnings: $20,492/month.

Blog Niche: Virtual Assistant.

Gina is the genius name behind this money-making blog of 2021. She comes from a finance-related background, and now she is helping her audience with professional coaching on how to make a living with virtual assistant services. She is offering many other digital non-technical services that can enable any person to earn handsome money online.

Blogging Strategy: She has many reviews and testimonials of her previous students who are making handsome money online. It means that adding reviews and testimonials can add a sense of trust and credibility to your blog.

2. Yaro Starak

Blog link: https://yaro.blog/

Estimated Earnings: $40,000+ per month.

Blog Niche: Selling own digital products.

Yaro is a renowned name among the most successful bloggers. He is a professional sales coach who provides paid training and coaching to the entrepreneurs who sell their own products and courses. His success started from his first blog, and then he took this initiative to sell the secrets and strategies that worked for him.

Blogging Strategy: You can see that he is showcasing himself on every post and thumbnail that gives a more human-centric touch to the content. He is offering real-world strategies that actually help the entrepreneurs to grow.

3. Just a Girl and her Blog by Abby

Blog link: https://justagirlandherblog.com/

Estimated Earnings: $41,700/month.

Blog Niche: Lifestyle.

She did not expect to be one of the highest-paid bloggers of 2021 back in 2013. She has spent a long time in the field and has been offering quality content to millions of viewers. Her content is about practical tips and tricks that actually prove to be helpful for home remodeling. She also comes from a relevant background, so she knows what she is talking about.

Blogging Strategy: She talks about reality instead of theoretical stuff. She has faced the ups and downs during her blogging career that makes her content more converting and convincing.

4. Lindsay and Bjork

Blog link: https://pinchofyum.com/

Estimated Earnings: $90,000+ per month.

Blog Niche: Cooking Recipe blog.

They run two successful blogs that make loads of money with successful viewership. Most of the content is based on cooking and how to make your own recipes.

Blogging Strategy: There are no authentic stats about their accurate income, but most of their earning is generated by ads, sponsored posts, and affiliates.

Other Highest Paid Bloggers of 2021

As you are familiar with these few bloggers, how did they gain success in the blogging niche, we are going to have a brief look at the blogging giants. These bloggers with the highest earning blogs are the blogging giants who make way more money than your imagination.

5. Jon Morrow

Blog link: https://smartblogger.com/

Estimated Earnings: $100,000+ per month.

Blog Niche: Affiliate marketing.

Blogging Strategy: The blogger cannot move due to physical disability, but he has some motivational stuff on his other blogger that can give you enough dose of motivation. You should not let the limitations stop you no matter how restricted you are.

6. Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus

Blog link: https://createandgo.com/

Estimated Earnings: $100,000+ per month.

Blog Niche: Selling digital products.

Blogging Strategy: If you don’t need to be extraordinarily skilled to get success. Your determination and passion is something that defines your success.

7. Tim Sykes- Highest-Paid Blogger

Blog link: https://www.timothysykes.com/

Estimated Earnings: $1,000,000+ per month.

Blog Niche: Online and DVD course selling.

Blog Strategy: We have jumped to the highest-paid blogger because there are tens of other bloggers who are making way more money than you can ever imagine. Tim Sykes earns most of his revenue by selling DVD courses and other digital products. He is pretty active on social media with millions of followers on Instagram. If you can sell a lifestyle, you can sell your products.

Should I start Blogging in 2021?

Well, no one can guarantee your success or failure, as that’s totally up to you. But, you have the earnings of the highest-paid bloggers right in front of you. There are going to be hard times in blogging, but you should not let these challenges put you down. For better chances of your success, you must bookmark these highest paid bloggers for some real inspiration.

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