How to start affiliate marketing: The ultimate guide in 2022

How to start affiliate marketing: The ultimate guide in 2022

How to start affiliate marketing for your blog in the right way is key to make serious money blogging. Without a doubt, launching a blog is a great way to earn money.

However, due to the rise in competition, it is getting more difficult to earn through blogging, even in your own niche.

The best way to start making income from your blog is through the help of various affiliate programs of blogging.

The content you wish to create for your blog and write upon, you can do so through joining an affiliate program of blogging and make money through it. It does not matter how many readers and the amount of audience you have on your blog; through this method, you can earn money regardless of this factor.

However, it may be difficult to know which affiliate program would be best for you. There are more than thousands of affiliate programs available on the internet today.

Assessing which program would be suitable for your blog can be confusing; especially if this is the first time you are trying one out.

Here is a complete guide on how to start affiliate marketing to make money blogging the correct way:

What Is An Affiliate Program? 

An affiliate program is a program made by a company which normally sells different products or services and pays the affiliates through a commission.

This is paid once a sale of the product or service that occurs due to the affiliate’s blog. The payment acts as an incentive to the affiliates to further send them traffic in the form of referrals.

The blog of an affiliate acts as a way to further attract customers and target audience for the brand. The affiliate program does this by placing a link to their website on your affiliate blog.

Once people visit your blog and click on the link; this will lead to them to the website of the company and in this way, traffic to it.

Usually, these affiliate programs only pay a commission to its affiliates once a sale is completed by a customer.

But at times, some also end up paying a commission to the affiliates when a customer simply avails a free trial or signs up to their product, regardless of whether they carry out a sale or not.

The rates of commission between the various programs also differ along with the various types of compensations provided by different affiliate programs.

As a blogger, it is important that you thoroughly look into the available options before you decide on joining one.

The one that seems more reliable and compensates you in a better manner should be the option you choose.

The Rewards Of Affiliate Marketing

Different affiliate programs tend to offer different sorts of rewards for the affiliate marketing you will carry out through your blog. The three main types of financial rewards you can earn through these programs include:

  • Commission: This is the most common form of compensation provided by various affiliate programs. A commission is provided to the affiliates on the basis of when a sale is carried out due to them. This is through the traffic they diverted to the merchant’s website or through some customers signing up or registering for their company’s products due to an affiliate. This acts as an incentive for the blogger affiliate to promote the products in a better manner. It also makes them want to widen their audience to get more commission. This commission is usually fixed and decided at the time of joining the program.
  • Percentage of Sales: Another common form of paying affiliates for the referral traffic they bring is; payment of a percentage of the sales. This is given to the affiliate on the basis of clicks the customers make on the blog. This leads them to the merchant’s website and they may purchase a product or service successfully.
  • Free Products: Another form of attracting more affiliates is through receiving samples, credits, or plans once you refer new customers to their company. You can also further speak about their products better in your blog if you are able to use them yourself.

Best affiliate programs to earn from in 2022 

  • Best affiliate programs for beginners: Fiverr, eBay.
  • Best affiliate programs for bloggers: Amazon, Shopify.
  • Web hosting affiliate program: Whogohost, Bluehost.
  • Online courses affiliate program: Coursera, Teachable.
  • Website builder affiliate program: Wix, Sellfy.

Before jumping into any affiliate program mentioned above. I recommend you check our Ultimate list of the best affiliate marketing programs. You will get all the important details such as the pros/cons, the requirements to join the affiliate program, and the income you can receive on each and every affiliate program.

How to start affiliate marketing program

To start and join an affiliate program, there are two options available for bloggers; either you join a self-hosted affiliate program or, join those programs which are available on the major networks of affiliate marketing.

A self-hosted affiliate program is a program run by the company on its own website. To join one, you must simply carry out a search on the internet of different brands and affiliate programs which will lead you to a number of results. 

On the other hand, another famous way to joining an affiliate marketing program is through reaching and affiliate network.

Many brands host their affiliate programs through the help of these networks. These affiliate networks act as a great platform for both bloggers and different companies to join various different affiliate programs.

They are also able to view the offers companies’ are providing for joining their programs. These include the rewards and commissions. You can easily compare these to the rewards of other affiliate programs. This way, you can have a better comparison and idea of what the market looks like.

This would help you reach a better decision of which affiliate program your blog would be best for.

The easiest way to earn income through blogging is by joining an affiliate program for your blog. In this way, you can also create content that you wish to publish on your blog that interests you. You will also almost immediately start earning through it.

There are a number of affiliate program platforms available that you can look through on the internet. You need to carefully assess the one that would be best not only for your blog; it would also provide the best cut of income for you to make it worth it.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, it will make it easier for you to understand the importance of how to use the right affiliate program for your blog and niche. The various ways you can end up making a good income through your blog can be overwhelming, but remember, affiliate marketing is one of the primary methods websites and bloggers use to generate passive income. Here a list of the top highest paid bloggers and how much money they make on monthly basis. Bloggers such as Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus, Jon Morrow, and Tim Sykes are making more than $1,000,000+ per month. that’s crazy, I know, but it’s true!

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