10 Best online course platforms 2022 – Ultimate Guide

10 Best online course platforms 2022 – Ultimate Guide

To present quality courses for your visitors you will need to use one of the best online course platforms. Most people do not recognize the privilege they have and one of them is access to online courses.

However, some of that privilege is with you. If you are an expert at something and specialize in a particular course of studies, help others learn. 

Online course platforms are one of the many ways you can make money and contribute to a social cause. That social cause being education. Not only can you teach but also learn many skills that are not on-site. Today, e-learning is making waves no one thought it would, and it is time you jumped on that ship. 

Sharing knowledge should be your top priority, but how do you determine what is the best way to do it. Similarly, how do you know where to start learning? To guide you on this inspirational journey, here is a list of top online course platforms you can begin with. Easy to start, it is your ticket to teach and learn. 

1. Thinkific

Link: https://www.thinkific.com/

For people who want to start teaching courses online, Thinkific is the ideal place to start. While this online course platform requires a membership fee, you can begin with a free trial. 

It has amazing templates and design features as well as outstanding marketing tools to get you the enrollment you need. To sum up, it is the perfect website for teachers who wish to enable a global approach to learning. 

2. LinkedIn Learning

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/

LinkedIn Learning is the best online course platform if you want to build a portfolio with practical skills. Certifications are offered for courses that add value to your experience and in the real-time world. 

Additionally, business courses are abundant on the platform. So, if you want to learn some skills to impress your potential employer, head over to LinkedIn Learning. 

3. Udemy

Link: Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular teachings and learning online course platforms. For teaching, it has a simple interface but has requirements that you need to fulfill. These include a minimum of 5 lectures with each lecture of at least 30 minutes. Above all, it is free to use with charges only on revenue. 

For learning, you can find a wide range of courses on the platform from a variety of subjects. It is the best place to learn any skill you’re interested in. 

4. Learnworlds

Link: https://www.learnworlds.com/

If you want to spread knowledge in the world, Learnworlds is one of the best ways to do it. It has a lot of customizable features that you can use to make the learning process for your students easier. 

Apart from facilitating your students, you can even use their remarkable features to market your course. It can integrate with social media platforms to maximize your reach. There are only a few other platforms you can get these features from. 

5. Podia

Link: https://www.podia.com/

Podia is also one of the top online course platforms where you can spread the education you have. With various tools, a unique feature of Podia offers is the ability to host and sell live webinars. 

Most online course platforms have pre-recorded lectures, but Podia enables you to interact with your student’s life. Additionally, it is also free of cost with a transaction fee on payment. 

6. Coursera

Link: https://www.coursera.org/

Furthermore, if you’re looking to add something to your educational portfolio, Coursera is the way to go. This online course platform offers courses on a variety of subjects from renowned colleges and universities. 

You have the option to try a singular course that ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. Apart from this, you can also try specialization courses or even register for an online degree for your field. If you can’t afford the course, you can simply apply for financial aid as well.  

7. Skillshare

Link: https://www.skillshare.com/

As a learner, Skillshare can provide you access to unconventional subjects that are usually not taught online. For example, music production and fine art. 

From the perspective of a course instructor, Skillshare provides you with many options to interact and engage with students. Moreover, you can do this through the short lesson videos, the open discussion boards, and the feedback reports. It is also free for course creators. 

8. Kajabi

Link: https://kajabi.com/

Most online course platforms provide access to courses with one topic. Certainly, Kajabi does so with great depth. It is the main platform for instructors who want to dive deep into the subject they want to teach. 

Kajabi can provide you with amazing marketing tools that will optimize your course sales. However, the cost to teach on this platform isn’t reasonable for everyone. If you can afford it, go for it. There’s nothing better than Kajabi for a detailed course. 

9. Teachable

Link: https://teachable.com/

Teachable is a very diverse online course platform for course creators with many budget options to choose from. The best one is the pro plan for the long-term as it does not carry transaction costs. 

Other than the benefit of payment options, you can also add a maximum of 5 admins for one course. Above all, this includes many additional features for quizzes. 

10. Academy of Mine

Link: https://www.academyofmine.com/

Most of the online course platforms listed in this compilation were for beginners or university professors. Academy of Mine is a high-end platform and is for people who make it their purpose to teach online courses. It has many customization features as they are the core tools it offers. 

Many businesses avail Academy of Mine to create specialized courses with detailed instruction for their organization. It is the ultimate way for businesses to get all their employees on the same page as the management. It is the best for training. 

Final thoughts

These were the top 10 online course platforms where you can learn and spread information alike. This list included free platforms and options where you need to pay to join.

However, all of them lead you to a new learning opportunity. The list is not exhaustive, and you can always explore new options as they come up. In the world of education digitally, there is a tough competition with many outlets to teach and learn. Be sure to try them all out and make this world better and literate. 

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