10 Best scheduling software for 2022 – Ultimate guide

10 Best scheduling software for 2022 – Ultimate guide

Are you searching for the best scheduling software for your business? In a common workplace, there are a million things to do. Even if it’s a small start-up, the meetings, calls, and other work become daunting. With a lot of it, it is very difficult to keep track of everything. 

Other than your own tasks, sometimes your entire team has to be managed. Therefore, every organization needs a scheduling software. Scheduling software can increase efficiency for your company by a great deal.

Simple scheduling software can help in staying on top of things such as meetings, calls, and emails. However, some of the best scheduling software does so much more than that. They can act as a smart tool for your organization. This would improve all management processes. 

It can optimize resource utilization and keep track of project progress. Above all, it increases engagement. It can also restructure some of the main business operations. And they can minimize resource waste and help in creating a smooth flow of work. You can do the same through these reviews of the top 10 best scheduling software.

1. SimplyBook

Link: https://simplybook.me/

SimplyBook is the ideal scheduling software for your budget. With various plans ranging from free to premium, it can provide you the best software. The features you can use include the automated responses for bookings. This means having a “book now” feature on social media.

Additionally, SimplyBook allows various payment options rather than being limited to 3 or 4 options. It can even be integrated with Google Analytics. This would monitor page statistics like engagement. To try it out, you can simply opt for a free trial too. 

2. EngageBay

Link: https://www.engagebay.com/

If you have a small start-up and the costs of scheduling software fall out of your range, try EngageBay. It is the perfect solution for small businesses. Because, if the users are less than 15 you can use it for free.

EngageBay can help you to personalize your messages. In addition, it can schedule group appointments in one booking. You can also sync the software with your Office 365 or Google account for efficient scheduling. It’s one-stop for budgeted use. 

3. Acuity Scheduling

Link: https://acuityscheduling.com/

Acuity Scheduling is renowned for having an interface that is user-friendly. It is very easy to use. A service business can use this software for scheduling appointments in real-time. The software offers multiple tracking options for paid and pending appointments. Meanwhile, it also maintains a record of those appointments. 

Acuity Scheduling is one of the rare scheduling software that provides user information protection. It also secures payment transactions. What’s more? You can choose a payment plan that will cost a maximum of $50 monthly. It’s an entire package. 

4. Setmore

Link: https://www.setmore.com/

Setmore is also another amazing scheduling software. It will help your business keep track of all your appointments. It is capable of sending email and text alerts as reminders. Plus, it enables integration with other social media platforms. 

The customer support for Setmore is also ideal for your service business. This is because it provides quick automated responses. The beginning prices for the platform also go as low as $25. 

5. Bitrix24

Link: https://www.bitrix24.com/

Large organizations require scheduling software that can handle a lot of tasks. Bitrix24 is just the software for use. It is hosted on the cloud and allows users to share files in real-time. The permission options vary. In other words, you can control who has access to what. It is compatible with most devices too. 

Bitrix24 is the perfect scheduling software that will combine all tasks and activities in one place. Not only does it allow communication internally and externally, but also has directory features. Additionally, it can track working hours too. You can start with a free trial.

6. Ganttic

Link: https://www.ganttic.com/

Sometimes a simple calendar can’t help in keeping track of all the work. Ganttic can do more than that. It is the one scheduling software that will give you a visual view of everything. It will make your planning better by scheduling according to the length of your tasks. 

Ganttic is also a very useful tool for the sharing of resources. Apart from this, it also offers an integration option for Facebook and Outlook calendar. However, the user might require learning. 

7. Nowsta

Link: https://www.nowsta.com/

Appointments for service businesses require scheduling software. But, so does employee management. Nowsta can help with that. Whether you need help with payroll management or shift scheduling, Nowsta can do all that. 

If the employees are switching shifts, the software will accommodate that too. This is done through overtime alerts. It’s your go-to for employee management. 

8. Upkeep

Link: https://www.onupkeep.com/

Upkeep is the best scheduling software if you have to monitor your assets. The key feature being security. This tool also works as cloud-based software and has loads to offer. 

An amazing pro of this software is that it is not locally limited. Instead, it can be used anywhere in the world. It keeps track of your downtime and improves your uptime. It is simply one of the best global scheduling software. 

9. Appointy

Link: https://www.appointy.com/

For small and medium-sized businesses, Appointy is the top scheduling software you can refer to. The first benefit it offers is that you can use its subdomain if you don’t have your own running website. 

It has real-time alerts for customers. Plus, it enables access for many employees from various places. Not only this, but it also allows customer loyalty programs. Automated messages are a great new feature. The software also offers a free plan for basic use. 

10. InviteOnce

Link: https://www.oncehub.com/inviteonce

Many organizations are unique with their purpose. Because of this, most scheduling software doesn’t cater to their needs. However, InviteOnce is the exception. This scheduling software is designed for various industries. This involves financial and consulting firms. It also includes the education and healthcare industry etc. 

One of the features of InviteOnce ensures a fair distribution for work. While another automatically suggests a suitable meeting time. Meeting templates are also available. The software begins pricing at a minimal rate of $10 monthly. 

Final thoughts

These were the top 10 scheduling software that you should use in your corporate career. With these reviews, you can effectively gauge what you need. Some of these best scheduling software also offer free trials. Make sure you give them a try!

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