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How to manage social media for a small business during the summer

Allow yourself and your team a break this summer. Be pro-social whilst you’re away and have a plan which your whole office can be apart of.

10 types of friendships to avoid on Facebook

People’s personalities can be studied by just analyzing their personal Facebook profile. We have found 10 types of people that it’s best to avoid on Facebook for your…

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The hidden face of Facebook

An investigation by many independent organizations and media has confirmed the suspicions of many users about how the major social networks like Facebook and MySpace delivers private.

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Social media for businesses – Getting Started

I would like to share some interesting advices and tips on how to start using Social Media in a business to get valuable customers.

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Facebook algorithm promotes social and economic inequality

Overview of the Facebook algorithm. Understand how your Facebook posts get viewed on Facebook news feed. List of the most relevant Facebook algorithm factors, updates, and changes for easy reference.


Facebook Ads: 7 Steps to Success

Facebook ads are becoming increasingly popular for businesses who want to promote themselves to specifically targeted audiences.

Twitter vs Facebook

Twitter vs. Facebook: Which Social Network is Best for Your Business?

Choosing the right social network for promoting your business can be hard, especially if you have limited time and resources.

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10 types of friendships to avoid on Facebook

Finding friends on Facebook is easy, but sometimes it’s better to avoid some kind of virtual friendship. The reasons? We can give you at least 10 reasons.

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Adictos a Internet

El uso de Internet y de las tecnologías actuales es un fenómeno que podemos observar y que experimentamos a diario. A principios de los 90, Internet era una…

Top 6 social media and their benefits for businesses

Let’s investigate each of the 6 most important social Medias and categorize which term of businesses they would provide best results.