8 best ways to grow your social media audience quickly

8 best ways to grow your social media audience quickly

Looking for ways to grow your social media audience? Social media platforms are perhaps the most important platforms when it comes to digital landscapes. People all over the world use these platforms daily to connect. Of course, businesses are not behind too as they have their own social media platforms.

With so much competition in the digital landscape, it has become essential to growing your social media audience. After all, the higher the audience you have, the higher your visibility. 

Here are eight guaranteed ways to grow your social media audience.

Focus On The Visual Aspects 

You need to play with visual elements on social media platforms. This is because studies have shown that content with images has at least 94% more views than content that doesn’t. 

Such content also has a high probability of sharing across other platforms. Make sure your posts are visually appealing and have some form of an image in them. Don’t rely on text.

Also, learn color theory and make use of either contrasting or complementary colors. This will give your platform a much more finished and professional look. It will also attract users as such colors are pleasing to the eyes. 

Frequently Change Profile And Cover Pictures 

One of the ways to grow your social media audience is by frequently refreshing your profile with new interesting pictures. Whenever someone visits your profile, this is the first thing that instantly catches their eye. This is why you must make use of this to enhance your visual appeal. 

Don’t just do what other brands do by simply putting your logo in place. Instead, why not use this opportunity to highlight the work that you do? This can be accompanied by a caption explaining what it is you do beyond your business.

Change your profile and cover pictures at least once every month on all social media platforms. This will make your profile interesting. You can explore your creativity by playing around with different elements to ensure that it gets attention. 

Respond To Your Audience 

This is all part of the customer experience you need to provide to your customers. You need to respond to them on social media platforms or they will not do business with you again.

One of the most important ways to grow your social media audience is to be involved with your audience. Listen to what they need and then curate an appropriate response. Twitter is a great platform to do this as you can recognize your audience and retweet their posts. People like businesses that care so show them that you care.

Paid Social Ads

This a cost-effective method that can have surprising effects on your reach. In fact, did you know that you can reach more than 900 million people through an Instagram ad? That is a significant number of potential customers that your business can get!

Over 90% of Instagram users have said that they have followed a brand after seeing their ad on their feed. These are facts and data that need to be taken seriously. 

Creating an amazing ad with the right elements can have a huge impact on both your reach and reputation. However, this isn’t just limited to Instagram. 

Facebook ads reach more than a billion people and Facebook users click on more than twelve ads within a month! You can explore paid social ads and tap into a completely new customer base through the use of this.

Do remember that your success depends on the quality of your ad on your social media platforms. 

Share Engaging Content 

Social media is all about engagement metrics. Your audience will only follow you if your content is worth watching. This is why you must have high-quality content that can engage your users.

Such content should be posted regularly as well because nobody wants to follow a dead social media account. Always create content that makes your audience keep coming back for more. 

This content should also include videos. Research has shown that over 50% of marketers believe video content brings the highest return on investment. 

Over 64% of consumers buy something from a brand after watching their videos on social media platforms! These statistics should not be ignored as these are great reasons to share video content with your audience. 

Remember, consistency is important here so you need to keep your audience engaged by sharing videos regularly. 

Hold Giveaways

If you are active on Instagram then you must have seen a giveaway or two by now. This is a great way to collaborate with other brands. It allows you to target each other’s audience and increase your following. 

People love getting free items so give them a reason to follow you on social media platforms. 

Partner With A Micro influencer 

Research has shown that the audience of micro-influencers trust them. They trust their opinions, review, and buy products if they are recommended by them. 

This is why you need to take advantage of this and partner with a micro-influencer in your niche. Be sure their content is consistent with your brand and their followers are your target audience. This way you can gain more followers and increase your visibility across all social media platforms.  

Make Use Of Hashtags On Instagram 

First, you will need to research the most popular hashtags being used that are relevant to your industry. You can then use them in your posts on social media platforms. This will increase your visibility and help you reach more of your target audience. 

Don’t just spam a post with endless hashtags. That is not good either. Use them strategically and sparingly so it makes sense when you post. 

Final Thoughts 

These are organic ways to grow your social media audience. Do remember that none of this can happen in a day. You need to keep your efforts consistent so you can have fruitful results in the long run. 

Always come up with unique ways to engage your audience so your social media platforms can organically grow with time. Explore your options and be creative when it comes to reaching your audience in different ways. 

There is a lot of untapped potential in the digital landscape that you can make use of. It is all about how strong your marketing team is at strategizing. These eight ways will help you get started!

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

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