5 best travel jobs to make money traveling in 2022

5 best travel jobs to make money traveling in 2022

Does traveling excite you? Is it your passion? Do you want to make money while chasing this passion? Well, you are in the right place. You can do that easily, you just need to be smart about it. 

Not everyone wants an office job from 9 to 5 as it doesn’t leave much room for traveling or leisure. However, there are many opportunities out there through which you can travel and make money!

We won’t keep you waiting. Here are the best travel jobs in 2022.

1. Travel Blogging 

Range Of Income: $500 to $25,000+/month

People who love traveling make money through these travel jobs the most. However, this doesn’t happen in a day. For travel blogging, you need to be patient and put in a lot of hard work before it takes off. This is because there is fierce competition and you need to stand out to make it.

Of course, once you do you can earn a lot, you can easily use that money to travel anywhere.

Here are the many ways through which travel bloggers make money:

  • Advertising
  • Influencer projects
  • Selling merchandise
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts

To get all these sources you need to build a solid audience first. Only then businesses will notice you and pay you for your content. This is one of the most lucrative travel jobs out there. 

2. Travel Tour Guide 

Range Of Income: $1000 to $9000+/month

A lot of international tour companies are always looking for individuals who have extensive knowledge of different destinations. They hire these individuals to travel around the world and serve as guides for tourists. 

It can be an amazing opportunity to travel to many destinations within a year and explore new places. Of course, you do need to have some knowledge about the places. Do consider your level of knowledge before you decide to apply for these travel jobs. 

Some companies require a few years of experience plus a proper tourist guide license for this job. This makes it extremely easy to enter this field.

You can look for programs in your area that will provide you professional training for these travel jobs. They will also make this process simple for you. This will be done by connecting you with a variety of tourist companies!

3. English Instructor 

Range Of Income: $1000 to $3000/month

If your English is fluent then this is one of the travel jobs that may be right up your alley. It is one of the most popular languages in the world. Many countries need teachers that can teach fluent English. 

You can do this in two ways. You can teach English courses online from anywhere in the world. Another option is to visit a country and teach English there.

If you plan to go somewhere and teach English then you don’t need to worry about staying. This is because the place you will be teaching will provide you with accommodation. 

There are also a few requirements you need to meet for this. If you want to travel and teach online then you will need to have a proper degree. However, if you are opting to go somewhere and teach then you need to have a TEFL Certificate. 

4. Yoga Teacher

Range Of Income: $20 to $100/hour

You might have noticed that many people recently have been turning to yoga. This is because people who have tried it are reaping the benefits of this healing practice that exists for centuries.

Don’t believe us? Here is how much yoga has gotten popular over the past few years:

  • More than sixteen billion dollars are spent on yoga each year by Americans. This includes classes, equipment, etc
  • Almost 40 million Americans are now practicing yoga
  • There are now more than three hundred million people all over the world that practice yoga
  • There are more than six thousand yoga studies in America

All these facts go to show that the practice of yoga is increasing day by day. You can go anywhere in the world and teach Yoga. You can even be creative and teach a yoga flow that is mixed wither forms of movement. 

Of course, one requirement for these types of travel jobs is that you need to be a certified yoga instructor. Once you become that then you can teach anywhere in the world. It is one of the most rewarding travel jobs to exist. 

5. Travel Photographer

Range Of Income: $500 to $9,000/month

Are you a photographer by passion? Your second passion is traveling? Why not mix these two and become a travel photographer? You will love the job and it pays well. 

Of course, this means that you need to be good at it. Amateur skills won’t do as there is fierce competition in this field. You need proper expensive equipment and great editing skills to improve the quality of pictures you take.

Here is some basic equipment you need to invest in if you want to go down this path:

  • DSLR. Canon is your best bet
  • Remote shutter
  • Tripod
  • Variety of lenses that will be utilized best for traveling
  • Editing software

Once you have all this in hand and you have improved your skills then you can make money through:

  • Selling to websites that have stock photos
  • Selling to tourist websites
  • Selling to magazines
  • Selling them to marketers for their campaigns

There is of course much more you can do as you can even start a photography blog. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many other travel jobs you can find. These options include being a bartender, travel agent, working on a cruise ship, vlogger, and much more. 

However, these are our top picks as they are the best travel jobs in 2022. Do remember that it takes time to be great at anything. This is why you need to be patient.

Once you put in the work, the results will come automatically. Once they do you can travel nonstop and make all your dreams come true!

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

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